Lake Ray Hubbard Furniture Exchange

Lake Ray Hubbard Furniture Exchange is a FREE online site for posting your unwanted furniture items. Items may be given away for free or posted with a picture and set price along with OBO (or best offer). This is not an auction page therefore no biding. All posts and comments need to be in English. Exchanges must be at an agreed upon location centrally located to Lake Ray Hubbard.

Lake Ray Hubbard Furniture Exchange is for sale by owner only, no businesses allowed.

Once your item is sold and picked up, delete the post. Do not repost items but "b.u.m.p" (bring up my post) instead. To search for certain items or posts use the magnifying glass at the top right.

We trust members to be honest, mature, and respectful. Abusers and no shows will be banned permanently! This is a drama-free site. Admins have a zero-tolerance policy.

Happy Furniture Shopping!