Port Jervis area items for sale or free

By joining this group you agree to:

1.) All responsibility and/or liability as a buyer/seller.

2.) Not hold the administrator/s of this group responsible, or liable under any circumstance resulting from a purchase, or sale on this page.

3.) To take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to the page, or participating in a sale/giveaway.


5.) NO DROP-SIDE CRIBS! IT IS ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS, EVEN IF YOU BOLT THE CRIB SO IT NO LONGER DROPS DOWN! Also, there is no baby food, nor formula to be sold in this group, unless it's given away!

6.) NO SELLING / GIVING AWAY OF ANIMALS! FB has specific pages for these types of transactions.

7) Please DO NOT post anything as an attachment or shared on this page because, depending on the other members security settings and or friendship status, your post will not be seen by everyone.

8) If you cannot create an album, please limit your uploads to Two (2) items / pics per 24hr period, one (1) pic per item.

9) DO NOT HIJACK someone else post. That means if someone is selling something you do not post that you are selling the same item cheaper in the same post. STOP Being LAZY and create your own post! If we find that you have done this, your reply will be deleted and you will be banned from the page!

10) Unless your are interested in an item please do not comment on the pricing, that is between the seller and the buyer. Rude comments will not be tolerated!

All members are required to make an album for their items, and label the album with your name. This will help the group run more smoothly. Also, recent posts will not get lost due to someone posting, or bumping photos. If I see anyone posting multiple posts and not making an album I will delete them. Please, try to stick to your word when meeting someone, be there at the scheduled time. If for some
reason you can't make it, or you are running late, please contact the person ahead of time to let them know. Exchanging of cell numbers by P.M. is a good/safe way to stay in touch. After posting an item, please check frequently to reply to possible buyers. Please, leave as much information about the item as possible, the price, location, description of the item, and the condition it's in, etc. I want to try to make this fair for everyone so, please try to meet in the middle of both areas. Try to make it fair for both the buyer, and the seller. If you experience no shows please let an Admin know, as they will be deleted. Not showing up to a mutual meeting is rude and will not be tolerated. If you find yourself no longer interested in the item, please contact the buyer so they may sell it to another interested party.