Swing and Blues Dancing in Adelaide

If you live in or are visiting Adelaide and you Swing Dance, want to Swing Dance, are wondering what Swing Dancing is, or anything else Swing/Blues Dancing related, then this group is for you!

- To find out about Social Dancing Events (Regular or Otherwise) or Live Swing and Blues Music Gigs, check out the Social Dancing Document.

- To see what Special Events & Workshops are coming up locally or interstate, check out the Events/Workshops Document.
( http://www.facebook.com/groups/304922152932520/doc/306285359462866/ )

- If you want to know what, when & where regular classes are held, please refer to the Regular Classes Doc (http://www.facebook.com/groups/304922152932520/doc/304985322926203/ )

- If you just want to talk about Swing Dancing or find out where other dancers might be headed, just post and start the discussion!

Hope to see you all out dancing!

- Emma & Ian

*** Please DO NOT post events to the wall! Add them to the Social Dancing or Events Document Instead :D. Spam will not be accepted in this group, and offending users will be removed or reported :( ***