Green Growth African International Club

Green Growth African International Club(GGAI-C), a new international investment club made a debut in Africa to join the global forces for social sustainable development.
The club is an initiative of the African Citizens Development Foundation as an off shot of Rio+20, based on social enterprise principles for equitable distribution of wealth amongst Africans.
The Primary objective of the investment club is to promote green economy by establishing scores of industries related to general environmental protection.
GGAI-C aims at re-directing the fortunes of the continent. To achieve this, the club aims to admit active African citizens and other friends of Africa. GGAIC-C will scale-up efforts of the Africans to embark on projects of renewable resources that will boost the production of bio-energy to reduce emphasis on fossil fuel and other related products that have caused environmental degradation with the associated conflicts around Africa. This is not limited to only sustainable agriculture through diverse educational programs and promotion of rural development, but also mitigating the effects of climate change and converting waste to GOLD.

GGAi-C Goals includes:
- Eradication of poverty
- Promotion of Clean Energy through Renewable Resources
- Food sovereignty
- Environmental protection


GGAIC-C’s objectives are to:

1. Generously promote ideas and give objective comments on various continental and related global developmental issues.
2. Proposing sustainable solutions to continental challenges to promote good governance.
3. Research into renewable resources that can promote and develop clean energy in pursuit of general environmental protection.
4. Buy into technologies in partnership with (foreign) companies to establish refineries for the production and processing of ethanol from various renewable materials.
5. Promote food sovereignty.
6. Provide decent jobs, thereby, combating unemployment in Africa.
7. Promote the concept and development of small and medium scale enterprises for equitable distribution of wealth in the continent.
8. Conduct research, promote and protect the inborn abilities and talents of African citizens, especially of the youths while tapping the huge knowledge of the retirees.
9. Empower marginalized groups (women, youths, and unemployed graduates) through micro-lending.

Core Values
1. GGAI-C’s functionality is non-political and non-religious. Members are expected to hold any political or religious opinion absolutely private and personal to allow for smooth promotion of developmental ideas with total commitment devoid of any barrier.
2. GGAI-C will encourage youths to invest greatly in all its promoted social enterprises in order to tap its unprecedented potentials, strong enough to advance the well-being of the entire human family. So, youths from the age of 18 will be admitted as members of the GGAI-C.
3. GGAI-C will focus on practical knowledge exchange, bringing in ideas that will promote technology and general sustainable development through the usage of renewable resources.
4. GGAI-C will take up political candidates by conducting interviews with anyone contesting high political office, assessing and publishing their electioneering campaign promises to see which one fits into the GGAI-C Goals or which one will promote Sustainable Development in different States.
5. Advocate for compliance by African States with the recommendation of the United Nations and other Multilateral Agencies on Social Sustainable Development.

Membership criteria

- Willingness to celebrate and support the talents of other African citizens as gift of Nature to the continent.
- Ability to promote knowledge sharing among fellow members without fear of intimidation.
- Being strong and active based on respect for the Rule of Law.
- Willingness to accept and promote technologies that will strengthen transparency and accountability in order to mitigate corruption.
- Willingness to subscribe to and contribute generously to the knowledge sharing data bank for the promotion of technological innovations that will enhance social sustainable development.

Benefits for Youth/Full Membership

- The youth/full members will become primary stakeholders in all the club’s projects as it embarks on scores of large projects to produce clean energy from renewable resources.
- Each full member will be entitled to 1 unit of share of GGAI-C investment within the country of membership.
- GGAI-C knowledge sharing database will provide a platform for youth/full members for accessing project information for the development of environmentally friendly micro-enterprises to promote sustainability.
- Promotion of networking and partnership among the GGAI-C youth/full members.
- GGAI-C will be of assistance to acquire decent jobs for all categories of members.
- All registered (general, youth and full) members will receive monthly electronic newsletters.