scv formula/food/diaper buy sell swap

This group is for parents in the scv to buy sell and swap formula, baby/toddler food & diapers... please use common sense and courtesy.
1- this is for infants & toddlers so items need to be safe and not tampered with.
2- if you are selling anything you recieve from WIC or other assistance programs we do not condone and are not responsible.
3- all sales are final please inspect before you trade
4- each post must contain price/location & expiration dates
5- asking a question puts you as interested please respond within 12 hrs
6- there is a 12 hr wait time to pass to next in line we are all parents with busy lives please be courteous
7- if you cannot pick up the item within 48 hrs do not comment as interested items must be picked up within 48 hrs unless the seller agrees to a different pick up
8- if you are not in the scv you must post that and be willing to meet in the scv
9- you can sell whatever related items at your own discretion we do not promote or condone any sales
10- no pming sellers to cut in line
11- please remember admins are parents with lives and jobs please try to use your best judgment when selling and buying admins are not available for every little issue we will do our best to help
12- if you are not posting correctly or if you are constantly flaking you will be removed from the group
13- there are no auctions all prices need to be set in the post
14- delete your post once it is picked up or when you have found your ISO you may bump your post every 12 hrs
15- this site is purely at your own risk we are not in anyway responsible for any trade sales or products
16- Please read and agree to the rules before you post or comment
***Please remember if you wouldn't feed it or use it for your own child do not post it here... everyone here has children we must look out for each other *** ♡♡♡