Camberley,farnborough,sandhurst,frimley,blackwater and surrounding areas

Please make sure you put a description, a price and your location on ALL items being sold, this is a must failure to do so will result in your items being removed ,you can post as many as you want,


only bump every 24hrs again items will be removed without warning

Can you please add in your description that if you want a quick sale or not. as its not a good or polite thing to do saying to the buyer once sold you want ur item collected that day so state it in your ad

If your adding items from a mobile fone please add a description, the price and the location failure to do so will result in all items being removed

If your item is broken or fake please be honest with the buyer and the buyer should check items before handing over any payments more so when buying electrical items

Please do not put offers you must have a price with a o.n.o

ALL members if your not going to turn up or be in please just let each other know

No money lending/employment searching allowed on this site what so ever
no advertising of businesses allowed

NO selling of any pets but please feel free to sell hutches, kennels fish tanks etc

NO GUNS, KNIVE'S or any WEAPON'S of any kind to be posted,

NO swearing

If you buy any electrical items make sure you check and see them working before handing over any money

Failure to read the rules and keep to them may result in members being removed from the group

Good luck to all and we hope u enjoy the group