Canadian Cannabis Oil Patients Testimonials & Treatment Info

This group is for Canadians ONLY and a source for CANADIAN information for patients to access easily.

Not everyone agrees on solvent choices, but at least here there will be no bashing here of anyone, no matter what you use. Each person is free to decide for themselves which is best for them, after reviewing all of the information they can find on the subject. I will not decide for anyone, as I do not feel that is my mandate. Everyone in this group is expected to be civil and compassionate to each other and I will not tolerate anyone being bashed. This is not a solvent-specific group, it is a Canadian's-only Cannabis Oil Treatment Info group, so we can share information with each other, help and network, as well.

Many people choose different solvents due to availability in their specific area, strength desired, cannabinoid profile preferred, condition to treat, cost, etc. Here, they can make any choice they prefer for themselves. They will not be judged, harassed, nor berated and told that only 1 solvent is suitable for all people in all circumstances. I have seen the damage the solvent wars has done and it is not pretty. I prefer to keep that anger out of our group as it is not conducive to healing. We are here to share valuable information with each other and to heal and that means in a peaceful and agreeable manner, and that is not accomplished by telling everyone that your chosen method is the only suitable method.

Drama and solvent wars are not allowed in this group. It is kept peaceful.