Raliegh NC Work From Home

Want to lose weight? Ask me how! Dominique says ~ "I don't normally share pictures of myself. But I wanted to share my testimony to help others. I have been on plexus for 12 weeks, in the first 30 days it dropped my total ‪#‎cholesterol‬ 99points! I am now off cholesterol medication. I has helped me with ‪#‎postpartum‬ depression and some other ‪#‎anxiety‬ ‪#‎depression‬ issues I had from losing our baby and my dad within 30 days of each other. It has alleviated my frequent ‪#‎headaches‬, my ‪#‎allergies‬ are better, I have 0 fatigue, I have lost 31 lbs and 30 inches in 12 weeks, and to be honest I feel amazing!! It has helped me with my acne, helped me focus better, helped me gain a confidence I have never in my life had! I am sold on plexus and I am a lifer!! I take the pink drink and 1-2 accelerator along with probio5. I love all these products, I am going to be adding some ‪#‎biocleanse‬ and body cream for scaring on my face and skin tags. I am so excited about plexus I could scream. I hope to inspire others to jump on this band wagon because it is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. I like a lot of moms and wives get so busy taking care of my family, I forgot about my self along the way. I am so thankful for what plexus is doing for me, and can not wait until Jan 1st to see how much more not only weight I lose but how much my health improves. My name is Dominique Spradlin and I am a product of the product!"