Hey everyone! So I'm not sure how much you know about our dear friend Morgan Silveira and to tell you the truth no one really knows a lot. But all that we do know is that she is in a lot of pain. This girl has been in the hospital for months she is losing weight, pale, being fed through a tube, and physically weak. All of this is happening and she still is helping out other kids in the hospital and she still had the best attitude and is super positive about the whole thing. I wanted to ask you all to help mike and I out. We want to create a basket for morgan full of anything. From letters to presents and from prayers to pictures i want morgan to know that we are all here for her praying for her to get better!
If you are willing to do this there are many ways to get me the things you want to send to her

Over break you can bring it to mike or me, or we can come and get it
Send it to our emails: [email protected]
[email protected]

Even if you don't know this girl if you could send a few words of encouragement and prayers her way she could use it!

Thank you so much i appreciate your help, lets show morgan that we are always here for her and shes in our prayers!!