Music Lovers - The Originals

Welcome to Music Lovers - The Originals.

I started the original ML on the same day FB introduced groups years ago, so Music Lovers was probably one of the first music groups on fb.
We always kept our numbers small and cosy and that is the intention with this group, Music Lovers - The Originals. Only a small group of members, not more than 300, who love music, regularly participate - whether we only comment or post music.

The idea is to have fun like we did when the first group was created. Laugh, joke and be comfortable with one another.

This group will continue with the daily topics as it is one of the characteristics of Music Lovers - to challenge, inspire and increase our musical knowledge while we have lots of fun. We are the Originals and we hope you will enjoy music, fun and laughter with us.

My thanks, always, to Tilla and Juanita - for being the best admins anyone could wish for

Avril xxx

Music Lovers:

A group where we can relax, share our favourite music and discuss old memories. NO POLITICS, NO RELIGION, NOTHING SERIOUS.. just friends having fun together.

This group is for sharing music, having fun and laughter. However, mostly this group is about MUSIC and for ADULTS only.

NO advertising is allowed on this group unless it is a musician sharing his/her MUSIC with us by means of a music video or soundtrack. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

DO NOT use this group to advertise other groups or as a means to solicit members for other groups.

BLOCKING an administrator will result in immediate and permanent banning.

Please do not post photo's that can possibly offend anyone.

If you don't like the music posted by other members, ignore the post.

If we notice that there are members that never contribute or never even comment on posts over a period of time, that member will be removed from the group.

No derogatory comments will be tolerated towards any person, group or country. This group is about music and our love music and fun!

We most heartily welcome anyone with a good sense of humour because we love to laugh but not at the expense of other members or vulnerable members of society.

If you do not respect these very basic rules you will be permanently banned from the group.

Avril Brand