Night at the Colosseum

This is a concept for a gaming night, made group to avoid fucking with dates and times.

The idea would be to have a "Day at the Colosseum." Everyone (Ideally 16) would make a D&D character and then run them through a single elimination tournament (no consultation round for the dead). Non active party goers could eat, drink and gamble (real money) on the outcomes of matches (and hopefully be belligerent spectators).

Rules: Bring a character of 6th level. Martial characters only, no magic will be permitted. The contest will be 1v1 single elimination (no losers bracket for the dead) style. Full healing for the winner between rounds, but this is all one day for effects that have limited uses per day.

Character rules: 6th level characters made with a 30pt buy. Martial only, no magic (except arms and armor); trying to make it more like a Roman gladiatorial match or a mid-evil tournament. That being said no animal companion, or mounts ect. Standard gold for purchase of equipment (13,000), and again weapons and armor are the exception to no magic. Race must be one of the standard from PHB. Other source books permitable for classes, feats, weapons ect. will be the complete series or by approval by the mods. PHII now legal.

New Detail: HP will be be average scores, to prevent people from getting F'ed by 1's/ eliminate temptation to re-roll that 1. Average roll works as such: Max-Rounded Down-Rounded Up-Rounded Down-Rounded Up-Rounded Down

Non active player rules: Any food must be eaten off a stick. Booze must be drank out of a goblet or wine skin. Gambling is encuraged, with the currency being gold (were gonna try to get a shit ton of Sakagahweeha dollars for the event).

Ideally we would have 16 or 32 people for this (for an even 4/5 rounds to determine a winner), but if we have 17-31 we can have "play in games" or byes.

Current DM approved exceptions:
Any la+0 race from MM1
Still no templates or Monstrous levels

Dropping the Lawful good requirement from Paladins (those LG pussies would not likely participate in a gladiatorial match. see pg 73 of link below for variant class options.

also "non-arms/armor" magical items such as cloak of resistance are fine as long as they are non-casting varieties. gear up as you see fit