My dear friends and members,

It is with joy after series of painstaking thoughts and decision that I have introduced as many of us who are Anambrarians to this general room through the most celebrated internet chat room, facebook.

In this forum, we are expected to meet with ndi-Anambra anyi and again bring up discussions concerning our state and the way foward for the betterment of our dear state and her people.

Anambra state formely known as "Home for all", is now known as "Light of the nation".
Umunna na umunne, invite as many as you can who must as a matter of fact be Anambarians and friends of Anambra state and have the interest of our state, her people and friends of the state at heart. let us change the world, beginning with ourselves.

It is widely believed that the only permanent thing in life is change and that indeed there is nothing that is impossible since even the word impossible when broken down in bits reads, "I 'm possible"

It is my strong believe that Anambra state which is known as the light of the nation would in no distant time live up and on to that. We are truly the light of this nation, Nigeria.

It is gradually getting well with Anambra State.


Tobenna Obiano
Founder, Anambra State Forum Worldwide
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