Idaho Falls For Sale

Please Read This Post!!! We will hold to these rules.
Do Not Comment on a Post Just to be Rude. You may be banned from the group. If you sell broken, damaged, stolen, or in anyway shoddy items and we get complaints you may be banned. WE ARE NOT BABYSITTERS!!!!!! Be ADULTS!!! NO MORE DRAMA!!!!
Here are a few guidelines that we ask all of the members to remember:
If you are not from Idaho Falls or within a 400 mile range you may not be added. This is a group for Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Please do not turn this group into Ebay. If you set a price keep it at that price and follow the first come first serve policies. Remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. You do not want something sold out from under you.

Just because it is on here does not mean we follow or support this business.
Please check out any service completely before using them.

Buyer beware, everyone is responsible for themselves we will not be held
responsible for any purchases that fall through or are not what you thought them to be.

We are not babysitters. If you feel someone cheated you we would like to know because we will have a running list so we don’t have scammers on here, but the only action we can take is to remove them from the group, we will not press charges or get into the middle of a conflict. If there is a conflict on the wall we may remove all participants.

Please keep any problems in PM’s so the entire group isn’t suffering.

We also have a few rules:

The items must be legal to sell in the state of Idaho.

No more than three bumps in a week per item.
(From personal experience your item does not need to be on top to sale)

No get rich quick programs.
No spammers!
This is one of the ways we look for spammers. If someone starts a FB account today and has very little to nothing about them on their page then posts on here about a online business that either leads nowhere or to a different site other than the one advertised. 10 to 1 it will be kicked and the person will be band. We watch for this just to protect the group. If someone know of someone that has been kicked please contacted admin with the web page link and we will take another look at it.

Please only sell tangible (real) items.

Services are allowed, as long as they are legal, such as Photography, Tattooing, House Cleaning, Yard Work, Mechanics, and Grooming Ect.

We do not want to have tons of rules. We would love to help other small struggling businesses to be able to grow and thrive. We would also love to help people who want to get rid of their unwanted items. Other groups put lots of rules in place please do not force us to do the same. Please be adult and treat others as you would like to be treated.

Reason for this is because it gives people the idea that the person posting the add is trying to hire people when in reality they are trying to get people to join. With this in mind we as a group administrators consider it to be a scam.