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ATTENTION! Check (Other) in messages. You get a message when you join! MANDATORY READ FOR ALL - ADDITION TO WELCOME : In the late 80's I was in charge of Scholarships for our VFW in Belfair, Wa. I came to know all members well, we had a WWII Vet., Army, that was also at Bikini Atoll, a Korean War Vet., Marine Mustang Lt., at the farthest end of Chosen Reservoir, many Vietnam War Vets from all over Vietnam.After meetings we would sit, me silent, and the guys would talk about their respective good times and the bad times in their Wars. What affected me most was the fact nothing else was talked about. No Politics, Nothing of the crap of the day, Nothing but their Life and Times, of what they were willing to share. What I saw in the faces of those men was, Strength, Pride, and even at their age and physic, a transformation that is hard to explain to those times when they lived, breathed, feared, fought, and believe it or not, a look of, well, a sort of Peace. This was awe inspiring and a great Honor for me and others to listen and watch. What is written above is the reason for this site, A Place to Come and Just Be of those Times in Vietnam , and Nothing Beyond 1975. THE MISSION and Rules of this Site: A site for Reflections and Reconnections for All Vietnam War Vets., Military and Civilian. We have also become a site of learning by those that want knowledge about the Vietnam War from those great Teachers that were Really There in Vietnam.Teach well to those that want to learn, they are, YOUR LEGACY of what really happened. If not all will be lost forever. NO POLITICS on this site, NO DISRESPECT aimed or directed at anyone or of any kind, and NOTHING GRAPHIC is allowed to be posted on this site, NO NUDITY. Keep your photos, slides and comments to the Vietnam War. On the 1st and 15th of each month we allow advertising of Personally Written Books by Vietnam War Vets. about the Vietnam War, Non-Fiction and Fiction. Also included in this Book advertising, are Support Units that had Direct Tactical Support to the War in Vietnam or were in the close proximity to the same. If you have personal, or a relatives images of the Vietnam War and wish to post them KEEP THEM TO (5) FIVE PHOTOS per day, in an album or five individual photos. PERSONAL VIDEOS ONLY. Videos go on the sister site listed below.
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