Young and Raw 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

This is the Official Open Facebook Group for the Young and Raw 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge! Every day for 30 Days. Click here to see the recipes archived on

This is NOT a fast, your only goal is to drink 1 green smoothie per day for 30 days, in addition to your normal daily routine. All recipes should be plant-based, wheat-free, dairy-free and free of animal products. You will receive a new shopping list from us every 5 days, and 1 recipe per day in your email inbox.

Questions & Concerns can be posted here in the group.

We hope you will find it easy and fun to start your day with a green smoothie for the next 30 days!

Frequently Asked Questions:

*Do I need a juicer or blender for the challenge?

Smoothies are blended, so you'll need a blender not a juicer. We don't
recommend juicing these recipes as many contain fruit, which we avoid
running through a juicer.

*I have an allergy or dislike an ingredient. What do I do?

You can substitute any of the ingredients you like. Dark leafy greens
can be swapped out for other leafy greens, bananas for coconut meat or
pineapple for bananas and so on. If you cannot find an ingredient in your
area, get creative and try something new!

*I'm on a different time zone, does that matter?

Not really! We're all participating together but since there are over 5,800+ of us and we're all from different parts of the world it only matters that you are having your green smoothie for 30 days from the start date, which is January 5th 2013. For the next 30 Days, we're going to be sending you recipe!

*How will I get the other shopping lists & recipes?

Every 5 Days we will email you a new shopping list that should last you for
5 days.

Once per day (specifically the night before at midnight CST) we will send you a Smoothie of the Day Recipe and personal note via email so you have it for the morning time when you wake up.