LDS Mid-Singles of the Carolinas, South, and East Coast Chitchat

Meet, greet, discuss, make REAL friends with LDS values around your age, in your area, the Southeast! Ages 31 to 50 are welcome here! Let's talk and have fun. Intentional contention not allowed. LDS standards will be enforced. All divorces must be final. ONLY SINGLES! I intend the group to be used as a forum to chat, share ideas and activities, support, lift, and strengthen each other.**

** The needs of singles vary. This group is NOT exclusively used for dating… but flirting and dating are encouraged. This group can be what you want it to be...**

Feel free to talk on whatever you want,
but please read these GUIDELINES. You get one warning if you break one of these rules, after which you will be deleted from the group. Threads considered in violation will be deleted, as will threads referring to those deleted threads.

* No Business Promos
* Keep the conversation, links, and photos PG rated... no racism, hate speech, profanity, lewd comments, etc...Also, no cleavage, shirtless, swimsuit , or pornographic shots.
* If you want to talk about topics like politics, please be respectful and have an "agree to disagree" attitude. Do not name-call, belittle, or bash anyone.
* Let's try to be positive, fun, supportive. Constant bitter comments and posts can turn off folks. There are ways to discuss things without appearing whiny.
* Let's remember this is just a Facebook Group and not the real world. :) So, things like non-verbal communication get lost in the shuffle. Let's not assume someone is "judging" you if they disagree or have a differing opinion. Treat posts and comments with a grain of salt.
* But... let others have a chance to participate in the group. Posting new posts every hour on the hour on the wall, can appear you are monopolizing the conversation in the group. But as far comments on the posts, feel free to chat away! See the diff? :)
* If proof is given of anyone private messaging unwanted sexual or inappropriate photos or conversations to other members of this group, that person will be deleted from the group.
* Fake profiles and scammers will be deleted. Do not ask for money or green cards from other group members.
* Gospel Doctrine taken out of context will be reviewed and may be deleted. False doctrine will be deleted, so please check your facts.
* No speaking improperly against church leaders. Please discuss any such concerns privately and prayerfully to your Ward or Stake leaders as guided by the spirit. No postings about Ordain Women or polygamy. (Please leave the matter to the leaders of the church.)
* Grievances or concerns with other group members should be messaged to the group admin, not posted publicly. Thanks!
**You may receive a lot of Facebook notifications from the group. If you don't want to see the notifications, change your notifications settings to "Off" or "Friends Only" on the top right hand of the corner of the screen. This feature to adjust may not be available on your smartphone, but is available on a PC**