Pelegrini and Costa on phone.
Costa: hi
Pelegrini: its me man city
Costa: how may i help you?
Pelegrini: i have seen what you
did to swansea past week.
Costa: oh! Yes.
Pelegrini: i wnt to plead with
so that you will not do that to
Costa: this suppose to be
with Fabrigas who always give
a chance to score.
Pelegrini: send his number to
Costa: Ok, expect mine text soon ( Costa
sends the number)
Pelegrini rings Fabregas............
Fabregas: Hello, who is on the line
Pelegrini: Its me, Pele the coach of Man
city, how're you doing?
Fabregas: I'm fine, i hope all is well?.......i
hope nothing happen to Silva? .
Pelegrini: All is fine, until recently that my
body is getting hot and i'm nervous about
our coming match on sunday with your
team, i was talking to that Guy called Costa
who scores goals as if he is angry, i tried
to beg him to pity us just this time but he
refered us to you, he said he can't help it
because you're the one that gives hime
those astonishing killer passes, Pls do
Fabregas: Ahhhh!!! Sorry, i thought
something had happened to my friend
Silva, you know transfer window has
closed, so i never expected your call,
anyway pls don't blame me, i simply can't
help it, infact i am worried that i only have
assists to my name, i need to start scoring,
and i'm planning to start scoring on
sunday, the only help i can offer you is to
refer you to Hazard, maybe he can be of
Pelegrini: I cannot approach that your
Hazard after what i heard from Kompany, I
asked Kompany to talk to him last week
while they are with the Belgian National
Team, Kompany gave me his number but
i'm afraid to call him bcos Kompany said
Hazard was just shaking his head anytime
he sees Kompany, he wants to destroy us
Fabregas: That means there's nothing i can
do to help you bcos Even That Man with
Baby-face (Oscar), shurlle, Ramires, Willian
and even Mikel have all vowed to score
against you . Pls before i go i need a little
favour from you,
Pelegrini: what favour is that?
Fabregas: Pls spare Silva not to play the
match bcos he will loose his place in our
national team after we must have raped
your team on sunday, let me whisper into
your ears..........Costa is so angry why EA
SPORTS rated Aguero better than him on
FIFA 15, he vowed to prove a point, you're
on your own ohhhhh
Pelegrini faints.
Chat Conversation End