battle creek trade kings

Trades ONLY

1)ALL posts must have a pic..NO SCREENSHOTS

2) you can re trade items u got from this site to work up to something better...

3)delete posts after the item is not "bump" your post more than once in a 24 hour period

4) NO DRAMA or personal attacks/ threats of any kind

5) if you have a problem with someone please let me know, do not take it into your own hands

6)if you do not like the item or the post please move along, do not make rude/negative comments

7) no "post jacking" (commenting on someone else's post, trying to sell an item to someone else that is interested in the posted item)

8)do not post "free tv ", "free gift card ", etc posts... it wil be deleted immediately

9)if the rules are not followed you will be given a warning in a comment and have 24 hours to fix your post (this site is TRADES ONLY) then if your post does not follow the rules, it will be deleted