Everett, MA Online Yard Sale

Everett or close surrounding towns (Wakefield, Stoneham, Saugus, Malden, Medford, Reading) YOU MAY NOT POST ITEMS FOR SALE/PICK UP in other towns.

Please READ THE GUIDELINES before participating... thank you!


- Take a picture of your item for sale, post it on the group wall, and include any necessary information in the description of the item/photo as well as the location. Photos that do not include location, or have a location not within the towns listed above may be removed without warning.
- "Be Fair And Share", please wait 24 hours before bumping your posted items, albums, videos to the top of the group wall. Every time a comment is posted under an item, the post returns back to the top of the page. For this reason, we ask that you limit commenting under posted items. Utilize private message, chat, phone, text, email, etc., to contact other group members when exploring or finalizing sales.
- As a seller, please be considerate and fair when multiple members are interested in your item. Seller should go in order of comments posted. If no PM is sent or returned within 24 hours, move on to the next party interested. Treat everyone fairly please!
Buyers who want to purchase an item must write “SOLD” in the comments. If you would like to be “in line” for an item, you may post “SOLD 2”, “SOLD 3”, “SOLD 4” etc. in the comments. Priority must be given to buyers who write “SOLD” in the comments over buyers who send a private message to seller. Unless a seller has written “Cross-Posted” in the description, priority should always be given to the first person to write “SOLD” in the comment field, who can meet any restrictions placed in the ad (ie: “must pick up by Tuesday night,” “must be available for pickup on weekday morning” etc.)
Sellers must give buyer 24 hours to contact them to arrange pickup details before moving on to the next interested party. After 24 hours have passed, Seller may move to the next in line.
- We ask that you DO NOT ADVERTISE your business, or post products sold through your store/outlet. YARD SALE CONTENT ONLY.
- New RULE: No more posts that just say "make me an offer" or BO. Every item must have a price. You can list it as $XX or BO, but this is not an auction site. Post your asking price or you post will be deleted.
- Immediately REMOVE/DELETE any SOLD items from the group. Find your item in the ALBUMS/PHOTOS page, click on your item/photo, find Remove Photo below the picture, then click on that to delete.

Some helpful tips:
EUC - Excellent Used Condition
GUC - Good Used Condition
ISO - In Search Of
NWT - New With Tags
NIB - New In Box
SF/PF - Smoke Free/Pet Free
PPU - Pending Pick Up
PM - Private Message
When you see an item that you are interested in, be sure to comment SOLD on the item and send the seller a PM. If you're selling items, be sure to regularly check your "other" mailbox for messages from people that aren't your FB friends.