Delta Properties (Sales & Letting)

...ok i'm bak
Lets talk properties. Properties ar assets dat could b hired,sold n developed (lands,buildings,ship etc). The price of properties (lands,buildings) in cities such as Lagos,Abj,ph even warri has appreciatd a lot in recent years. A man in d mid 80's bought 6 acres of land on d outskirts of lagos for N10k. In '98,he sold a plot for N500k. In warri,as at '00,a plot sold 4 as high as N150-250k in areas like Osubi,okuokoko,aladja,ubeji etc bt 2day,a plot sells 4 no less than N1.5m in Osubi. Why d jump in price?
1.population explosion
2.investment awareness
3.d spread of infrastrtctural dvlpmnt such as schools, airports etc.
Some of these ar factors 2 consider wen investin in properties. Remembr i told u u can b a landlord wth small money? This is hw 2 go abt it... Go to an estate agent who knws abt d city n its environs,even wth as small as 200 -250k u can own a plot in som developin areas.Evr thot abt d on-going Delta leisure park at Oleri? Its anoda opportunity 2 grow beyond d city invest in Oleri and see ur wealth pile. On our nxt issue,we shall b discussin "RENTS". For more info/detail contact Starlex properties 07030495005/08078702717. Gudmrnin.