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Hi friends, welcome :-)
For your convenience see 'FILES' for 'Save Money' member only offers also small/home business offers. This can be viewed by mobile device by clicking on cover page and see files. In Files is also Social gatherings for page members.
We all want to learn to save more in a year no matter how small the savings because it all adds up. We want fresher longer lasting produce, learn what others know, convenient & easy living & to free up more time in a day for our families, friends & hobbies.
New opportunities are being offered & we are expanding more on saving for page members only, you have now become a 'Save Money' member. When trying to save some money remember it is a long term goal, $1 a day saved is another $365 in your pocket per year. Imagine how much more we can save once we put all our ideas together & find even cheaper ways around doing things! Post how you home make products for cleaning or other.
Here you can also choose a topic & ask questions such as super, banking. Ask to find a place with best price etc. Share organisation tips which helps easier living . Here we offer & support each other save through many ways. Swapping services is a big money saver while meeting new friends along the way. Offer newspaper/junk mail vouchers/coupons due to expire or know you will not use. Share price in 2 for 1 offers or buy one get one free. Share a good special or bargain. Send a pic of something from your savings to help motivate & inspire. Warn of a price discrepancy or related. Post a pic of a great offer/freebies or send link & share loyalty card offers & discounts where others might not know.
We support independent & small/home business. If you would like to post your business it must have a 'Save Money' member only offer not already available to the public, while you are giving you are receiving other offers too. If you would like to offer a member only offer this can be for UP TO 1 month and any offer anything you like. Your business may have had a cancellation and you want to post for a 1 day only offer to fill your spot. Any money made is better than money lost!!!
All posts must be approved by admin first, this way it avoids similar business offering better offer in the same area (I like to manage to keep fair for all ). You can post again for following month. If you wanted to post but see similar perhaps post a different offer or for a different month or day coming up, this also gives members time to budget. If not approved by admin your post will be removed asap until approved. All business offer posts must be approved my admin to avoid prompt deletion. There is a non offer business post listing too, I can tag you here.
Get your business out there, social media and word of mouth is a very powerful and best of
Remember we are here to save money & we are all friends & we support each other.
PM me any time for anything
Good luck everyone and
Happy Savings