Ilbilbie Sick Rat Rap

I love our little community and the people who make it special.

Thought it was time we have our own Community page for residents in Ilbilbie and surrounding areas. (Of course this includes Greenhill, Cape Palmerston, and Notch Point).

Feel free to post items for sale, buy, swap. Post community information. Promote your business or community event. Or... Why not post your happy thought for the day, tell us about your latest project or ask for some help. Post pics of your garden or you latest catch...whatever you like. Please be mindful though - there may be children and teens viewing your posts.

There are so many groups out there but would'nt it be great to share with our own wonderful little community.

Don't want to have a heap of pointless rules or to be nazi admins like those on a lot of other groups, but do ask that you be respectful of other members and conduct yourself in an adult manner.

The Name??? A truckie came into the servo and told me he could never remember the name of this place so he just called it Sick Rat. Don't you love it?

Anyway, enough from me. Welcome and get posting