Esperance Community Page

This page was created to act as the Esperance Community Noticeboard. Feel free to share details of Esperance Community Events, ask questions regarding local products and businesses or request help/information from other members.

Any post that contains inappropriate material will be deleted without warning - this may result in being removed and banned from the page. This includes Name and Shame Posts, Opinion/Rant Posts and any posts/comments with offensive language and/or threatening behaviour.

Local Esperance businesses are welcome to advertise on the page. EDIT: Only Esperance based distributors for companys such as Herbalife, Scentsy, Younique etc, are permitted to advertise. If you are not an Esperance resident and represent a mail order company without a local distributor, please PM one of the Admin before posting.

Individuals wanting to buy/sell personal items - please utilise the Esperance Buy and Sell Pages that are available. All posts of this nature will be deleted without warnign.