International Society 2014/2015 - University of Winchester

The official International Society Facebook page for University of Winchester for the year of 2014 - 2015.

Questions, concerns or just want to chat?
Here the committee and members can discuss updates, events and give any support we can!

The committee are as follows:
Chair - Maria Jones
Vice-Chair - Kurt Lagrenade
Treasurer - Anna Kronstrom
Admin - Rob Cordial
Social Secretaries - Yui Yanase & Scot Forrest
Ordinary Members - Chloe Brown & Olivia Barfi

Student Union rep: Savannah King

International Students Officer: Geoff Titchener
Director of Internationalisation: Alasdair Spark

Important links:
Discover Dorset Tours:

Diversity Showcase Group:

Christian Union International Events: