Outlook Politics Writers

Rules for the politics section for your reference

1. Minimum 600 words
2. AP Format
3. MUST have two MU Professors
4. MUST have AT LEAST one MU student
5. Cite outside news sources accordingly (date of source/ who it was said to)
6. The articles MUST MUST MUST be objective(show both sides of the arguement)
7. Keep in mind this question, "How does this affect MU students?"
8. Debates should be no longer than 400 words for each side, its okay to stay between 200-300 words.
9. Case Study (if you feel a topic should just be examined two ways instead of debated)
10. You cannot use other Outlook staff writers for quotes. Even different sections, it must be someone with no connection to Outlook.

Any questions please contact meand Iwill clear it up.

Brandon: s0853776 #6092137924