North West Peace and Dignity Group (Washington and Oregon)

PROTECTING WOLVES: An indigenous lead walk aiming to help protect wolves will take place on the 6th of September this year in Portland, Oregon. Starting in the morning, natives will carry the lead staff in the style of ancient foot messengers, in an admirable effort to unite tribes to protect wolves. Successful in 2013 in ending the wolf hunt in all lower 48 states, for ten days, it is the third year that this walk is taking place, with the ultimate aim to end the wolf hunt for good. We are reaching out to natives and friends alike to join us in this walk. We will be putting emphasis on protecting water, native communities, sacred sites, timber and other resources near and around wolves. Dear friends, please support us in any way that you can. Any involvement is valuable, whether being there in person, spreading the word about it or donating to help the cause. The contact information for Mato Woksape, who will be talking in person at the Grande Ronde annual pow-wow, as well as other pow-wows this year, is the following: Phone number: (208)412-3184
E-mail address: [email protected] Please also join the event here: Please support indigenous and POC efforts to stop the wolf hunt here: THERE ARE NO BORDERS IN OUR FIGHTS FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS!