~Single Lo's & Lette's Looking For Someone Who Love's Us For Us<3~

~We are family up in here , we don't want any haters ! :) If you have any problems with anyone in here let us know ASAP ! Let me know , let Terry Townsend knows , let Larrywayne Paul Durst Deller knows , and Kevin Skaggs knows two . Cause we will take care of them , you won't have to deal with it , until you tell one of us whoop whoop . :) We respectful in this group , no nudes either , and no one should be under 18 years old , it should be 18 years old , and UPPER !!!! If there is disrespectful , and nudes you'll be band in this group , and you'll be out of this group . We are sorry if your out of here . I hope everyone is Having a great time , and can find someone out there soon . Just don't forget no drama , rudeness , and nudes . If there is really any problems , don't forgot to let us know about them , an stuff . Whoop whoop MMFWCL homies ! ♥ (: If you still can't find anyone don't give up homies , keep on looking . I'm pretty sure the one out there will come your way . ♥ (:~

~Being a Juggalette or Juggalo isn't about how much merchandise you have or knowing every little detail about ICP . It's about being yourself about seeing the world differently from normal society , and not giving two fucks where your opinion fits in . Juggalette's don't take shit from other people , they know who they are , and they accept it . They don't let any feminem fans fuck with their family , and they defend the family 100% . True Juggalette's know what it's like too be an outsider . It don't matter how many hatchetman tatoos you have , or how many ICP cd's you own , it's about being yourself , and not caring if other people don't like who you are . It's about knowing that you always have the family too lean on when you need support , and one of the most important things is being a true believer in the dark carnival , and knowing that when life fails you , shangri-la will always be a place for you too go , and as long as you truly believe in the dark carnival- that's where you will go . that's what my definition of a TRUE Juggalette is , "Truth is we follow God , we've always been behind him , the carnival is God & may all Juggalos & Juggalette's find him ." Peace out motha fakoos ! ♥ :) WHOOP WHOOP ! ♥ :)~