I have created a group for every single state so that we can take out the stress in finding transport for our furbabies. Being in rescue the hardest part for me is not saving or pulling the animal it has always been the transport so I have decided to try and solve that problem by creating a group page for EVERY SINGLE STATE including Canada. please feel free to add your friends and transporters and coordinators as well. Coordinators are free to post there request on here as well. When posting a request please make sure you delete it if reposting it again after you have all the notes and comments off the old one so that we dont blog up the page. I know it will take some time to get these groups filled with people that can transport but over time this will make it so much easier to find someone in a certain area or state by just going to the state group. We cant save them all but we sure can save 1 at a time and alot of animals aren't rescued due to lack of transport. So lets make this work and save as many as we can. These groups will have volunteer and paid transporters in them so please make sure you ask which one it is when telling someone you want to use them and it will also be up to you to verify your transporters. If you ever have a question and need to reach me you can contact me through FB or my email at as I will probably not see every single notification that comes up due to I have 51 states and Canada to look after. I did not make a group for Hawaii of course. I will help out where I can in answering any questions that you may have. Please be kind to one another on here we are all here for the same reason to save animals and we dont have time to argue. If at anytime someone gets rude please contact me and I will look into it and handle it accordingly. When having a animal transported please make sure that you have a leash and collar for your pet so that they dont get away from the transporters when on potty breaks. Be safe when meeting a stranger and do it in a Public place. I hope this will be helpful in the long run for everyone so now lets start saving these babies and get them home. God Bless all of you and safe travels