4 - State Prom, Wedding, Flower Girl or Party Dresses Buy, Sell, or Trade

This group is for advertising Formal dresses anything from Prom to Wedding Dresses. I made this page for those looking for affordable dresses to be able to find that perfect dress for that special day. Also I know how people have them just setting in the closet taking up space & need to just get rid of them. Believe me I know so how that is. I here to help & love meeting & talking with new people. If I can't help you with something I will be honest & tell you. Welcome & thank you for joining & good luck selling or finding your perfect dress. God Bless!!!

I only have a few rules.
#1 advertise only formals & party dresses. Accessories, Some Weight loss products (I only ask you advertise these every once in awhile), Makeup, Hair, Photographers,floral, jewelry, & wedding Planning.
#2 Only bump your item up every 6 hours &
please if you have more than a couple of items make an album or put in one post.
#3 No Spam is allowed on this page. If spam is posted then you will blocked & banned from this page.
#4 I don't mind people voice their opinion on things I post, but I will not allow arguments to take place on the page. To much drama on facebook as is & I will not allow it on here. If there is a problem please send me a personal message. If one wants to argue & trash the page or me then I will ban you from the page. We are here to sell dresses & not fight about how prices are being set. I have made suggestions & that is all. Does not mean you have to sell your dress cheap. If you have need help with something feel free to ask. I will see if I can help.

Tessa McKinzie Clark

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST THE FOLLOWING INFO IN YOUR ADS/POSTS !!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE 4-STATE AREA (KS/MO/OK/AR). We have added a lot of New people lately & more are being added everyday including some people out of the 4 state area. I would like everyone to please post this info with their ads/post please. Copy & paste if you like. Thank You Admin.


Location/Area ~
Price I Paid ~
Sale Price ~
Price Negotiable ~
Description of Dress (Please be honest & list any flaws/damage) ~

Willing to Ship ~
S&H Cost (Put terms of shipping-Optional)~

Also there is a lot of people on here out of the 4-state area (KS, MO, OK, & AR) if you post anything on here. Please be honest about anything that is wrong with the item & be willing to ship it. If there is any problems I will consider removing you from this group. I also do not want any drama on this page so if you have problem with someone please PM them & settle it that way or if you can't come to an agreement send me a PM. I made this page for Free to anyone to post so be polite on here. Thank you Tessa Clark (Adm.)

Thanks Tessa Clark