Remember the Revolution - Yorktown Heights, NY

This "Remember the Revolution - Yorktown Heights" group was created to gain support for the building of a monument to commemorate the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice while guarding the Pines Bridge (The Battle of Pines Bridge).

The monument would be comprised of three statues including a Native American soldier, an African-American soldier, and a White soldier. This diversity would represent the inter-connectedness of each group in the fight for independence that centered around Yorktown’s Pines Bridge in the 1700’s. Funds and grants are being solicited to help pay for the tribute. Checks should be made payable to the Yorktown Historical Society PO Box 355 Yorktown Heights, New York 10598 (and please write "monument fund" in the memo section) and are tax deductible. Permission is being sought to place the monument in Downing Park across from Col. Greene's grave at Rt 132 and Rt 202.

The statues would be life-size plus (approximately 8 ft.
tall), and made of bronze. Bronze is the best material to be used due to its low susceptibility to the outdoor elements.

Partially, the purpose of this monument is to draw the attention of the business and educational community.

Vendors can locate themselves at this
landmark to sell goods, food services, etc.

Local school districts can incorporate this element of local history into their respective curriculums that NYS Education Law requires they teach about the American Revolution.

Local area historical societies have also expressed an interest in seeing said monument. The proposed site location borders on 4 other municipalities.