Envision Festival ~ Costa Rica

This group was created to provide a forum to communicate and share with each other all things that are interesting, thought provoking and beautiful about Envision. We've moved away from our 2012 group page as Envision cannot be defined by a moment in time, but rather an entire community co-creating our collective reality.

Envision is not just another music festival, but a tropical adventure in Paradise that is sure to transform your mind, body and soul.

ENVISION yourself in the mystical Costa Rican jungle listening to diverse beats and enjoying VIP treatment. The vibe here is “Pura Vida” – The pure life.. and the energy that embraces the soul and recharges the mind and spirit. This is a world where time slows down, warm waves... embrace crimson sunsets and howler monkeys rule the canopy. The locals are friendly and the traditional cuisine is simple and delicious with something for every taste. Enjoy fresh squeezed juice from ripe fruit on the beach in the morning while your dinner arrives straight from the sea. Hike to an enchanted waterfall, zip-line through the rain forest or take a sea kayak out to greet migrating dolphins. Southern-Pacific Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world and the scenery is breath taking. Experience everything from sunrise yoga to fire belly dancing with countless opportunities for adventure and self exploration. This exotic and culturally rich experience is much more attainable than you may think… Be a part of the ENVISION Festival and let your imagination travel. Come join the adventure!