Organising Mental Health Week 2015

Hi everyone :)

This is a Facebook group to coordinate plans for this year's mental health week which takes place in Week 6 of term (16th - 20th Feb) which is the week after Sabb elections.

The week has several aims:

1. to educate students about what mental health is, how to recognise it and where you can get support whilst at University

2. to educate students about how you can build a healthy mind & attitude towards life, which in turn build resilience to anxiety and depression

3. to encourage students to speak out and share their own stories of experiencing mental health in order to combat stigmatisation and marginalisation that can occur whilst at University (address the "elephant in the room")

This group includes students from the following groups:
> RAG (MIND is one of their chosen charities this year)
> International Students Council (ISC)
> AU President
> Voice (student nightline)
> Xpression FM
> Exepose online
> Mind Your Head
> BodySoc
> Students' with Disabilities (NUS Liberation Campaigns group)
> Advice Unit student staff
> Art Society
> Be The Change (Project: Talk)
> PsySoc
> DebSoc

The idea of the FB group is to bring students from different areas of the Students' Guild together to submit/share ideas of how you would like to get involved if you wish to do so :)

Feel free to invite others to the group.


Kate Hawkins
(VP Welfare & Diversity)