Millburn/Short Hills/Summit NJ Garage Sale Forum

Welcome and thank you for joining the Millburn/Short Hills/Summit NJ Garage Sale Forum.

This is a brand new group, so please spread the word and it will grow quickly!

This forum will act as a means to sell New and used items to local and surrounding neighborhood residents.

To Post an item to sell, please always list a brief description indicating price, condition, and location of item to be picked up. Please make sure to add photos.

The rules are simple. To purchase an item, you must write "interested" in the comments section. That puts you in line. You are not put in line via Personal Message. The Seller will then go down the list of interested buyers allowing a 24 hour courtesy if necessary between potential buyers. The exception to this is if a buyer needs to sell something quickly. He may list in his description the words FCFS which means first come first served.

Let's try to keep this forum as a true Garage Sale format. There shall not be "highest offer gets the item"

There is no soliciting for your business or services on this site. Only new and used garage sale items for sale allowed. You will be removed as a member of this group if you violate any of these rules.

This is a great way to sell your items, so please follow the rules!

Happy Shopping and Happy Selling!