Ultima online Twilight-zone CZ

Hail Ultima Online Community!
Come and experience an ancient world reborn!
UO Supremacy, an UO Freeshard based around the Renaissance Era with modern tweaks and enhancements, will strive to remind the Ultima Online community of a nostalgic, but incredibly fresh feeling with exciting content that is sure to awaken those old and gold memories.
Always Felucca Ruleset! Crafting Area (Britain - craft benefits, bonuses)
Poisonable bows
Cashless vendor shopping
New Resources, Craftables!
New Rune Crafting System (Slayer Rune Crafting)
Events & More Events
Tents, Housing Types & Advanced Customization
Fishing (Loot & Rares Reworked!)
House Linking Teleporters
Murderers & Player Killers (temp. statloss) Bounty System
Player Vs Monster (New Dungeons & Heavy & Rewarding Encounters)
Rare Loot / Spawns / Collectibles
Player Vs Player (Order Chaos, Faction Wars) - Factions & Power Items
Skill Scrolls & Power Scrolls (Powerscrolls for crafters)
Stackable Potions
Skill Gain - Balanced
Slayer Weapons, Armors & Spellbooks
Taming (AI, Control Slots, Mounts & Tamer Pets)
Smooth Sailing (New Boats & Galleons)
Weapons & Armor (Colored)
Special Moves / Abilities
Unique Player Names
etc etc etc. For new players - we have a 250%-300% skill boost inside all dungeons! We have many many nice rares and ethys which drop in dungeon from creatures as loot! http://www.uosupremacy.com
http://www.uosupremacy.com/features https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKffz3QPFRM Cheers