Owunna For Senate Okigwe Zone

It is only in okigwe that the hullabaloo about uwajimuogu and Athan victory rains supreme by few people. I call this hullabaloo an exhibition of ignorance and inability to accept what is obvious. Election is not won only here in okigwe as 6 local government are involved and surprisingly okigwe local government represents the smaller if not the smallest among them. Those who thrive at deafening our ears with such nuisance hullabaloo should make out time to visit other local government for opinion poll. Doing so will leave them with no doubt but chagrin that Owunna is already a senator of okigwe zone ( the fact speak for itself) People must learn to appreciate what they have and stop selling their right for a pourage of yam. However the sponsored aversion for him, the truth remains that his popularity in other local government is shaking the hope foundation of other candidates clamouring to steal the right of NDI OKIGWE. Therefore joining a train that has no Rail? why don't haters drop their sponsored hatred and be a partaker of this epoch making election and train of positive change. Without equivocation, other candidates represent One month of glorious life and 4 years of gnashing of teeth. Their track records or antecedents are evident to that. The question that awaits your answer is how willing are you to gnash your teeth for 4 years One pertinent thing to reiterate here is that they are gamblers and as gamblers , they will offer you anything to get what they want and forget you later. As contractors they will see our mandate as business as usual aim at maximazing profit hence service delivery Will be acknowledged as working against the ethics of business and that spells doom on all of us. Umu okigwe say no to that doom by voting against its apostles. Umu okigwe fight for your interest and not for a selfish interest. Umu okigwe join others to vote for MAZI CLEMENT OWUNNA as your next senator come Feb 2015. This is our chance to break the jinx. Owunna#next senator