Tuners of Memphis

Welcome to Tuners of Memphis!!! My name is Chris Sambola (president) my admin is Jonathan montgomry. I made this as a group and thats the way its staying, i want to be a big group with good people who enjoy imports. i want everybody to get along and act as 1, treat people how u want to be treated. we enjoy "racing", "Hanging out" and "Working on cars". I host meets and crusies as well. If your in the group then you already know your more then welcome to come and would like as many as able to come. You can also trade and sale on here and we sell team logos. i want everybody to have fun and enjoy what we love most all together and that of course is TUNERS!!!!!

Rules of trade/sale= Location, Condition, and Price. NOTE: please dont bash on people because you thinks its to high or not worth it.

Racism and Discrimination WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

T.O.M logos are 15$ and can get them with in 2 days.

If any problems or questions please pm me or one of my admins.