Orange City and Alton Swap

** Please read prior to posting**

We've been running into some issues with mobile users not being able to create an album. So, we will no longer be requiring an album for your posts. The following need to be followed to have your posts approved:

- All photos/albums need details on EACH PICTURE, not just in the album header.
- Only bump once every 24 hours, and bump your album, NOT the individual photos within the album.
- If you already have something posted, do NOT relist it, bump your old post. Otherwise delete your old post before reposting.
- Delete your old items, or keep up with them, if we see a trend of old posts from someone, the person and their posts will be removed from the group.
- We will be removing items with no activity for 30+ days.
- All items marked SOLD will be removed.
- If you're going to be posting several items, they need to go in an album.

Sellers: Be courteous, allow a person a reasonable chance to arrange to buy your item.

Buyers: Be courteous, don't expect a seller to hold an item for you or to wait days to hear from you.

If we have issues with people repeatedly not showing up to sell/buy or constantly causing problems, you will not be welcome in the group. This is an opportunity for people to make some extra money, don't ruin it for them

If you have questions feel free to contact any of the admins, but please be patient as we are not always able to respond right away. Due to the "Others" folder being hard to access, it may work best to post your question in the comments here and tag one of us in it so we don't miss it.

Thanks everyone, and happy swapping