Rocklin Furniture & Home Decor Group Yard Sale

Looking for furniture to buy or sell, & some home décor to go with it? You found the right place! You DO NOT need to live in Rocklin to sell your items. Posts that are not related to the theme of this yard sale site will be deleted. The RULES ARE SIMPLE:
Sellers: You are in charge of your items, prices & location of pick up. The seller will make the arrangements on the location to meet. You need to go in order of interest as indicated in the comment section (Interested (INT) or Next in Line (NIL), etc… However please do not leave the other interested parties hanging wondering if the item is sold. List “Pending Pick Up” and then DELETE THE POST AFTER THE ITEM(s) HAVE BEEN PICKED UP & PAID FOR. If you are listing your item on multiple sites, then LIST X-POSTED on your ad & keep track of which site brought the first interest. Also LIST THE DIMENSIONS (Height/Width/Length), condition of item & color. Please try to use picture collages when posting or put additional pictures in the comment section.
Buyers: Don’t Flake on the seller (excessive flaking on this site will get you removed). If you put Interested (INT or NIL) Next in line, then change your mind, DELETE YOUR COMMENT so that the seller can go to the next in line. It is up to the buyer to determine how long the buyer will give you to look at the item or pick up the item. Please remember to have a way to haul the items you bought home, if not, the seller can move to the next buyer, providing a reasonable time has passed. Have exact cash with you when you make arrangements to pick up the items you bought.
General: Any negative posts or comments will not be permitted & will get you removed from this site. We are all adults & I expect everyone to treat each other with respect. If any buyer or seller has any problems with any member of this site or during a purchase, please contact the administrator for further investigation & possible removal of that individual from this site.
This is not a site to advertise your business, sell anything illegal, or stolen merchandise. All posts will be reviewed by the administrator, & if the post is inappropriate or does not relate to the purpose of this site, it will be removed.
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INT - Interested
NIL - Next in Line
BUMP - Bring Up My Post
X Post - Cross Posted (posted on multiple sites)
PM - Private Message
OBO - Or Best Offer
ISO - In Search Of
The Administrators accept no liability for the contents posted, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided by any member. Any information regarding items presented in this group is solely those of the author. Finally, the Administrators accept no liability for any damages (i.e. non-working or otherwise faulty product) caused by any items purchased or from another person within this group.