Women as Visionaries

A Heart-full WAVe WELCOME to you, dear new member of Women as Visionaries!

You’re invited to our DIVINE DIALOGUE...so please REPLY and ADD your inspirational answer to the daily VisionQuestion; one is posted every morning EST.

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This group operates as a space of ATTRACTION. Most importantly, the intention is that through dialogue, you establish meaningful relationships and connections to support your dreams coming true.

***So please embrace and follow these simple group guidelines:
1) Please do more than just "like" a comment: say something! Be intentional♥
2) Let’s use positive language. Profanity has no place here.
3) Please do not add any women to the group...ask them first ♥
4)The group is not the best place to JUST POST your product item, invite to a conference, workshop, coaching service, etc. *** People will come to really KNOW YOU as you share and tag/post your pages with links to what you’re doing through your posts to the daily WAV question and other posts.

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There are many powerful women's circles, and WOMEN as VISIONARIES is delighted to be a part of that web of weaving us all together like golden threads in a tapestry♥

Keep on visioning!

Lore Raymond
Founder & Chief Inspirator,
Women as Visionaries

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~Decades of Empowering Women to Open Hearts and Inspire Action

P.S. Have ideas or comments, please let me know through [email protected]' thank you!