My name is Eustace Akabuogu, a biomedical science student.
Since July 2011, I have been your Equality & Diversity Officer in the Student Union. During my training, I attended “championing active student involvement”, an NUS training that highlights topics like volunteering, student participation, supporting societies, campaign skills and lots more. This training was particularly useful as I gained the relevant skills that helped me to reach out to minority groups by organising diverse events that include: Met Carnival, Is Britain broken debate, Interfaith celebration, Back to Black, and worked with some societies to promote Late Valentine Special, and Hamedullah Charity Dating Auction. I also worked and collaborated with students and my fellow colleagues to promote world aids day, STARs reception and comedy night show.
I am now running for the post of VP Participation & Democracy and kindly ask for your vote.
I was a student ambassador; this role enabled me to share my university experience with
prospective students and also helped fresher’s settle into their new environment. I have also worked with the marketing department within the university. I do understand what it takes to be proactive and easily accessible to students and hope to utilise these experiences to bring about an increase in student involvement and a union that works for you, in the following areas:

1: METPEDIA - Resource centre that rewards brilliant and hardworking students by uploading their academic works online to help other students in the course gain a deeper understanding on a subject matter, find guidance and directions on how to structure and improve on the research or reference their coursework’s.

2: FACE OF LONDONMET - Organise a competition in which the face of the winner is used in all the universities media outlets. This portfolio will help rebrand our university, create sponsorships and endorsements.

3: A Grammy-awards-style show for proactive societies and volunteers; who would also have the benefit of being contacted first for all union jobs and will also receive time credits for their hard work.

4: Ensure STARs/ student council/societies representative’s elections/meetings are democratic, represent the views and needs of students and promote societies events

5: Organise a cultural week with different food, dances, music, drama, creative materials and sports for RAG week.

6: Lobby for our student ID cards to have an expiry date.

7: Lobby for microwave to be provided in social spaces across campuses.

8: I will organise more extra-curricular activities that help develop further students employability skills. These activities will include practical sessions,employment workshops/seminars for students to showcase their skills,volunteer,learn from each other,feedback,get inspired and even develop further already existing potentials.Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the sessions or workshops.

Your voice can make a difference, please vote Eustace Akabuogu #1st preference.