Cheap Easy and Green Vegan Recipes

Please post up your favorite cheap and easy vegan recipes.

If you can, please post up photo sets and videos to make it easier for others to follow the recipe.

And feel free to add your friends to the group!

Cooking vegan food is a great way to save money, be healthy and make a massive difference to both yourself and the environment.

And yes, you can be a cheapskate, eat a cheap vegan meal on this page, save a fortune, and yet be healthy!!!

Try a vegan dish, if you enjoy it then try another! Our members will be posting up many dishes for you!

*Note about interacting in the group*

Becoming vegan can be a big step for some people and many products are not obviously non-vegan. We hope the group can ease you into learning these things and don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes. Some people may not be aware that foods such as some colourings and honey are not vegan.

If the recipes are posted in good faith and you were unaware that an ingredient was not vegan this will be pointed out to you, but if you are aware that the recipes you are posting are not vegan they will be removed. Additionally anyone who posts abusive, anti vegan, or spam messages will be removed from the group.

If you are going to point out to someone that an ingredient is non vegan please do it in a respectful encouraging manner. It only takes one rude comment to have people turn away from the group and possibly veganism. Rather than critising people for their ingredients please offer them a friendly alternative eg. if honey is used suggest maple syrup.

While an ideal world would have all ingredients GMO free, organic, low food miles, palm oil free, and free from environmental impacts, this a near impossible goal. Therefore please respect that this is up to individuals to work out how they best address these issues.

If you do find alternative ingredients that are more planetary friendly please let us know as we are all looking for ways in which we can lessen our environmental footprint.

The production and consumption of meat has a huge environmental impact and just by switching to a vegan diet you may have made the biggest environmental difference of your life.

Keep it friendly and keep sharing your wonderful recipes and ideas. Thanks for all the posts :)