Dawson Rummage Sale

A place for people in Dawson, MN and surrounding community to post pics of things they are trying to sell or things they are looking to buy.

Please post pictures of items being sold and also post "sold" as a comment after it has been sold. With any online selling, use caution when doing transactions with someone you do not know. Happy selling!

1.Photos. They can be found... on the left side of the page "# Photos". Just click that link. - They will help you sell your items. Please post them. IF YOU SOLD AN ITEM PLEASE DELETE!!!

2. Details. Please list as much detail (i.e. what, where, how much, etc.) about the item you are selling as possible. This will help prevent correspondence from both parties, thus, keeping the group “cleaner”.

3. Sold items. Congratulations! You have sold your item. Please remove the entire post from the page. We have many items that are for sale and nothing is worse than seeing a picture of something you direly need, clicking on it, and seeing SOLD at the bottom. It’s very discouraging. Plus you are preventing others from “browsing” because there are too many pictures to look at.

4. No price bashing. Asking if they will take less is fine. But commenting that the price is too high is just your opinion. If you don't like the price someone is asking, don't buy it and refrain from commenting.

5. BE KIND, No profanity! RACIAL & NEGATIVE comments will NOT be allowed and you will be banned from the group. You can and will be deleted.

6. REMEMBER! "A deal is a deal!" If you say you want something, then be sure
and make arrangements to get it. Have your cash in hand and be there when you say you will... People's time is valuable!

7. ISSUES. If you are having issues with a buyer or seller (i.e. not showing up, bad check, etc.), please let the administrator know. The issue will be taken care of.

8. IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE IMMEDIATE DAWSON AREA, please only make deals with people if you have someone local that can handle picking up or dropping off items in a timely manner. If you are selling and not in the area, which is ok, but PLEASE MAKE IT KNOWN IN YOUR ITEM DESCRIPTION.

9. If someone has already commented/questioned about the item posted and you are also interested, please do not TAKE OVER. If you'd like to be next in line if the first person passes, feel free to make that know. BUT please step back and wait your turn. Seller, please also be aware of this. Please be fair.

10. NOT TO BE SOLD!!!- Smoking utensils (illegal or not i.e. pipes, bongs, etc.), sexual utensils and fire arms are prohibited from being bought or sold on this site!

11. THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION! Please try to post prices on everything. You can always say price/best offer. Once sold - do not resell for a higher price.

12. BUSINESSES: This is a rummage sale site. Do NOT advertise for your business. If you have a tax license, you are a business. All business posts will be deleted.