Joplin WANT IT

This group was created for all of us hunting for a specific item! When posting on other sites that you're looking for something, it easily gets lost.

The ONLY way this will work:
Post what you're looking for, if you'd like to stay within a certain price range, your location if you're not in Joplin and whether or not you will pay for delivery (larger items).

If you are tagged in a photo and you are interested respond "Want". If you're NOT interested respond "Pass". Remember NO HARD FEELINGS :) No need to explain why you're not interested.

Do NOT post things for sale unless you are responding to a specific "want" post. TAG the person looking for it and DELETE the picture when it's sold or your post when you've found what you're looking for!

Please delete pictures posted directly on this site within 24 hours of receiving a "pass"- this gives you 24 hours for another person to express interest. HOWEVER, please give the person you have tagged 24 hours to respond before allowing someone else to purchase :) (This applies ONLY to pictures posted ONLY on this site).

IMPORTANT: If you already have items posted on another group and someone is looking for them- tag them in those photos if they are a member of that group (this way you do not have to reupload them to this page). If they are NOT a member of that group, invite them!