Karratha Winners, Grinners & Positive Thinkers

Karratha Winners, Grinners & Positive Thinkers is a group that's been created to counter all the negative crap, bitching, moaning and groaning, sarcasm and cynical types of people that enjoy doom and gloom........There are only a few rules to stay in this group, you can only post positive, happy or funny comments...And all of the negative crap outlined about won't be tolerated. This is a negative-free, moan and groan-free page for locals that would like to make a positive contribution to this town...Good reviews, good news, 'legend of the week' ( i.e great service etc )...Invite your positive friends and lets starts reading some good news for a change.

Post anything you like, a funny event, a joke, a motivational comment, something awesome you did or someone you know did, your favourite band, your favourite movie, favourite thing about Karratha and surrounding areas....If you don't know anyone, let us ALL know so you'll no longer be by yourself....It doesn't matter if you're black, white, green yellow or purple...Old or young, single or married or have two heads....You are welcome here....Have fun, invite positive people and keep smiling, life is too short not to!