Writers United - Author's Club

Welcome to the Author's Club! This is the place for writers and authors to get together and collaborate, ask questions and to discuss just about anything writing related. Please read the rules before jumping in:
-- No self-promotion. We want your book to succeed, but promos clog up the feed and hurt the overall community. This includes NO covers and NO links to your own work including novels, blogs, author pages or any other links to your own writing. Talking about your books is OK, but outright selling is not.
-- To elaborate: No posts highlighting your book title or sharing finished excerpts just to fish for readers. No posting of products with which you are affiliated including software, contests, training courses, submission calls, etc. If you have a product or other link you would like to share with another member, please reach out to them on PM. *If a link is purely informational and not related to a product for sale you may share your answer within the context of a thread when it is relevant to answering the question posted.
-- Links to outside resources are totally welcome, especially if it's in response to a question. If you find a great link to an educational resource please share in a new post! *Please don't 'dump and run' when it comes to sharing links. Let us know what you think of the article and why you are sharing it with the group.
-- Feel free to join and post in our partner group 'Writers United- Critique Club'. If you are seeking critique or review, or are having trouble and need input on something you are writing, we would love to help! This main group is for discussion and sharing of educational resources, and we ask that all excerpts and selections from your current WIPs (Works in Progress) be shared in our critique group. You may also go there if you are looking for help on your cover art (as long as you are not self promoting) or if you have a Call for Submissions to share. Here is the link for the Critique group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/332213916977404/
-- If you are under the age of 18 (or know someone who is who would like to join), check out our other group 'Youth Writers United- Author's Club'. This group does not allow members under the age of 18, however we still ask members to refrain from posting Erotica and to keep language professional. Sparingly and artfully used profanity is OK but please keep language civil between one another. Here is the link for the Youth Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1408131406154270/

-- Keep it fun - we're here to educate and learn from one another!

*If you see a post which violates the rules or otherwise needs our attention please feel free to tag an Admin. The admins of this group are: Derek Pankaew, Savannah Jones, and Rebecca MacLean Lyman.
You can also speak to Sophie Girior and Pauline Ramsey, the Admins of the Critique Group if a matter in this group needs attention.