Imported Figures Talk & Trade

This group is focused primarily on the trading and discussion of imported toys, which mostly originate from the country of Japan. There can be other locations like the United Kingdom, but we focus mainly on Japanese imports. There are specific characters and licenses that are a part of Japan's entertainment industry, and are loved by fans worldwide. There also may be characters and licenses originating in the United States (or other countries) that may be influential in Japan. These may end up being created as special products for those living in Japan (by Japanese companies) and would be considered also "imports". Do feel free to trade figures and talk about imports in this group. Additionally, it is greatly appreciated that pictures be posted of your import collections, and also when you desire to trade so others may see what you have to offer. We are here to have fun and nerd out!

Good / Bad Trader- Seller Feedback Doc is here:

*Special note from the group owner*
Any posts not regarding what the group description says will be deleted no questions asked. Keep domestic trading for imported figures on the domestic/imported trade doc.

Trade and sell at your own risk! If you are not sure about the person you are trading with ask around or look here..

Just be a decent person and I won't ban you.


1. All figures entered into the contest must be import in origin. Meaning figures from Japan and so forth that is not meant for the US market (even though you may be able to buy them).

2. No more than three pics per competitor.

3. Include the theme of the contest you are entering in your pic title, and indicate the number of the submission.

4. Upload your pic entry(ies) into the special picture album. To find that album, click the "PHOTOS" tab at the top of the page underneath the group banner.

5. Post appropriate content pics (meaning nothing of a provocative nature).

6. Try to be as reasonably close to the contest theme as possible.

7. Do not post figure packaging.

8. All pics posted MUST be your own figures and not someone else's work.

Have fun and be creative. We don't offer any prizes at this point, but it is meant for fun. Prizes may be possible in the future, but that will be announced when that is available.

Attachments are not allowed on the page, as not everyone can see what it is you are trying to show. It also becomes a situation for admins moderating the posts. Attachment posts will be promptly deleted, and if you continue posting them, you run the risk of being barred from the group.