Freebies inverclyde

freebies Inverclyde- How It Works...

You decide, that its time to make space and that old bookcase in the spare room or exercise bike you never use in the back of the garage for example, has to go.

You join freebies Inverclyde which is quick, simple and free
You post an offered post or picture people will see this and the
People interested in your item then express interest in your item
You choose who you would like to give the item to and arrange a time for them to collect
They come and collect it
You have cleared space, saved an item from landfill, given something to someone who needed it and all without too much hassle or fuss
Good for you, good for them and great for the environment
If you want something, if it is being offered on the page comment on the listing or if not you can always post a Wanted post in much the same way as above.

most important thing its to enjoy clearing items from your house and getting new items for FREE