DEMOCRATS ONLY is a social group dedicated to the Democratic Party of the United States of America. Any Democrat or Left-leaning Independent who shares the views of the Democratic Party are welcome to join our group.

DEMOCRATS ONLY encourages friendly discussion and peaceful debate between our members; however, our group is never a Left Wing vs. Right Wing political debate group. Any member who is seeking this is directed to join a political debate group such:

DEMOCRATS ONLY does not discriminate against anyone's race, religion, ethnicity, nation of origin, sex, or sexual orientation.

EXTREME RIGHT WING CONSERVATIVE TROLLS: (Republican/Tea Party) (Libertarian) are not welcomed on our group or invited to be members. Any troll discovered on our group will be banned.

RELIGIOUS POSTS: Our group strongly believes in the separation of church and state; however, some of our members insist on discussing religion on our group. Our policy with this is simple: keep it peaceful. If arguments break out on religious posts, we will warn the members involved to stop arguing. If they persist, they will be banned from our group.

PROFANITY: We do not want our members using extreme, crude profanity...or the word "retarded" these words are highly offensive to many members. If our members use crude profanity, we will give them one warning to stop. If they violate this warning, they will be banned from our group.

SATIRE: Beware that there are satire websites that indulge in publishing satire articles. If you post articles from these websites, please label them as "satire". If they are not marked as satire and/or they have nothing to do with politics, they will be deleted along with the person who posts them. These posts cause entirely too much work on the part of the admin staff and don't add anything of value to the site. Two such websites are:
the Onion:

REPORTING POSTS: We do not want our members reporting posts on our group to Facebook. If you report a post to Facebook, we will give you one warning. If you violate this warning, you will be banned from our group. Instead of reporting a post to Facebook, please report it to our administrators. We will consider it for deletion from our group.

ATTACKS: We do not want our members to attack each other on posts. We will warn any attacker to stop. If the attacker violates this warning, they will be banned from our group.

BLOCKING ADMINISTRATORS: Members are advised not to block our group administrators. If you block one of our group administrators, you will be requested by other group administrators to unblock. Consider this request to unblock as a warning. If you do not unblock the blocked administrator, you will be banned from our group.


Sheila Jones, Charles Estes, Cyn Y. Sprague