Charlottesville Biggest Yard Sale

1. Always be respectful to all the members in the group. Do not post drama on the wall. If you have a problem with a member please contact Me or Admins
2. Missed meet up & being a "no show" if a buyer bails or is a no show, its up to the seller if they want to do business with that buyer again. Being a "no show" buyer or seller will result in a group strike. If you receive 3 strikes you will be removed from the group.

3. Our picture posting / selling rules:
Go in order of who expressed interest & wait 1 hr before moving to the next person.*
If you have more than 4 photos start an album.
Every photo needs to have a description and price or it will be deleted.
Don't repost your items.
instead, please bump your item. Bumping will be allowed every 2 days.
Be sure to delete your sold photo(s) or ask for it to be deleted.
*1: A member asking a question is a sign of interest do not skip these members. 6. You are NOT allowed to block any of the admins. If you block an admin, you will be removed from the group.

If you need help please contact an admin's What items am I NOT allowed to post?:
WIC items
Gun sales
Illegal items
Recalled items
Expired items of any kind.
Airline Voucher Tickets
Complementary tickets of any kind.
No food sales (unless approved by admins ). Please keep up with your listings: If you sell an item please delete your listing or ask an admin to delete your photo, so that other buyers know its no longer available.

Holds: It is suggested that you don't hold items for a buyer longer than 24hrs because they might back out but if you and the buyer have scheduling issues its up to you how long you want to place your items on hold.

Regulations for buying / selling gift cards: Please meet at the store to verify that the funds are on the gift card. Attention if any members block an Admin you will be remove.