Gold Country Chitter Chatter

This is a group for discussions. Local only, no advertising here please as it is for chit chat, complaints, issues,local politics of

community interest and personal views or sharing. No foul language allowed.
Posts will be slightly moderated. It's up to admins to decide if it's considered extreme etc. No slandering or mentioning names of people or business as it is a practice that always has two sides- you can refer to a business or person without names.

Please no advertising other groups Unless you contact a admin first for approval,admins reserve the right to advertise their groups that are within the network.

Please do not get into shouting matches etc, as with any public forum courtesy is expected. Whatever you put into writing is seen by thousands so play nice. This is not a personal vendetta board.

No asking for donations here or soliciting of any kind is allowed.

Play nice....your reputation is at risk as your post will be seen by thousands of people!

Group creator/admins does not expect or take commissions in any form and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for group content. Complaints with any and all posts shall be the sole responsibility of the poster. Admins have all rights to moderate this group as needed without contacting the poster.
THANK YOU, Loree Davis